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signature cocktail without expert bartenders


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Customize your cocktail offer

To make your cocktail offer even more exclusive, personalize the Drype experience with your logo.





Choose Drype for your events

By choosing Drype, you won't have to worry about a thing—we'll take care of everything

Setting up a unique bar corner

Add a simple and engaging cocktail service for your guests, without hiring expert bartenders

Ultra-professional cocktail service

Introduce a straightforward and engaging cocktail service for your guests, without the need for hiring expert bartenders

Social media content creation

Engage your community with incredible social media content

The benefits of Drype cocktails

Reduce the environmental impact of your business

Each Drype cocktail served reduces up to 82% of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere

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Simplify the logistics of your bar service

Drype cocktails take up minimal warehouse space and are lightweight for transportation

Enhance the quality of your offerings and service

With Drype, you can offer high-quality cocktails without the need for expert bartenders

Who do we target?

catering and events

Simplify logistics and bar service for your events with Drype cocktails

hotels and short rentals

Amaze your guests with a sustainable cocktail offering delivered directly to their room

Airlines companies

Reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding the transportation of unnecessary weight.

boat and cruiseship

Simplify setup operations and offer unique cocktails amid the waves of the sea

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