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Lighten up your workload with Drype cocktails

We have developed Drype cocktails to meet the needs of your business

The advantages of Drype cocktails

Reduce the environmental impact

Each Drype cocktail served reduces up to 82% of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere
Isometric-Logistica e stoccaggio

Streamline the logistics and storage

Drype cocktails take up minimal warehouse space and are lightweight for easy transportation

Enhance the quality of your service and your offering

The simplicity of preparation and the originality of the recipes make service quality a standard
Isometric-Waste Managment

Simplify waste managment

They reduce waste volume with small and lightweight packaging

catering and events

Simplify logistics and bar service for your events with Drype cocktails

hotels and short rentals

Amaze your guests with a sustainable cocktail offering delivered directly to their room

Airlines companies

Reduce CO2 emissions by avoiding the transportation of unnecessary weight.

boat and cruiseship

Simplify setup operations and offer unique cocktails amid the waves of the sea

Organize your next event with Drype

Do you want to organize an event with a bar service in your venue? Leave it all to us: we’ll take care of bar setup, professional service, and social media content creation. Our service includes:

Our exclusive services

custom packaging design

Customize Drype cocktails with personalized packaging that reflects your brand identity, turning every sip into a memorable experience
Selezione di ingredienti spezie e botaniche

custom recipe design

Share your idea with us, and we’ll collaborate with experienced distillers to turn your ideas into original cocktails

Creazione di ricette cocktail personalizzate

Mixology partnership

Are you a beverage producer interested in collaborating with us to create a unique and original recipe?

How to serve drype cocktails

acqua naturale o frizzante

Still or sparkling?

Choose between still, sparkling, mineral-rich water, or enjoy a unique twist with the tonic water of your preference. Create your perfect mix, transforming every sip into a tailored experience for your customer
Mule Drype Cocktails

old fashioned glass

For better control over water dosage, we recommend serving our cocktails in an old-fashioned glass with a maximum capacity of 300ml
Persona che aggiunge una garnish al cocktail Blue Train di Drype

finish it with the garnish you prefer

Experiment and play with garnishes to create unique versions of our cocktails

Discover our cocktail list

Thanks to our expertise in mixology, we create original recipes inspired by the great classics
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