The weight of logistics

How many cocktails can you serve with 10 Kg of raw materials?

Drype makes your life easier

Agile logistic and transport

Simple preparation

Dilutable in filtered water

Drype for your business


For an awesome flying experience

Thanks to its compactness, Drype simplifies transport operations and reduces the transported weight, reducing fuel consumption. The single-serving format eliminates waste and allows you to expand the offer, making the traveler part of the new cocktail experience.


Impress your customers during the cocktail hour

Choosing Drype allows you to lighten the load of stocking alcohol, to have more space in storage and to have waste that is easier to manage. Cocktails will never be the same. Entertain your customers – they’ll ask for another round.



Make the trip unforgettable

With Drype the sea is even bluer! Experience an innovative and environmentally friendly concept bar thanks to cocktails that reduce the volume of glass waste produced during navigation and facilitate the loading of supplies.


Create memorable and sustainable events

“There was only a table full of water and a little box: in a few minutes we all had a cocktail” This is the magic that Drype creates at your event.

Furthermore, you will no longer have glass waste to collect and dispose of: the environment thanks you!


Pampers your customers at the end of the day

Relaxing in the hotel room is an even more engaging experience: just serve fresh water and a Drype to your customers to make them feel good at the end of the day, thus avoiding waste and the need to have the bar service always active.


Give your co-workers a unique memory

Customize Drype cocktails as you like and impress company staff with a fun and sustainable toast.

Drype is a canvas to paint

Customize it however you want


Browse the menu and ask for samples

We are based in Milan!


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