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Transform a glass of water into a sustainable premium cocktail

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Drype doesn’t replicate the classic cocktails you already know but skillfully combines ingredients to create new and surprising flavor combinations

Gin compound alla fava tonka, pompelmo rosa e pepe rosa

Zenzero, lime, menta e corteccia di quercia

Gin compound e liquore all’arancia

Gin ai fiori di ibisco, fave di cacao e sciroppo di lampone

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The advantages of drype cocktails

Isometric-Logistica e stoccaggio

Logistics and storage​

They take up little space in the warehouse and they are light and easy to transport


Service quality

They guarantee high and constant quality over time thanks to simple preparation for all operators

Isometric-Waste Managment

Waste managment

They reduce the volume of waste with small and light packaging

superflous transported weight

Our mission is to reduce transported weights to offer the market environmentally friendly, low-impact cocktails

Today, 90% of the weight of an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage is represented by water and its packaging. Only 10% of the transported weight represents the essence of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

How to make a drype cocktail

Step 1

Fill a glass with 100 ml of still or sparkling water

Step 2

Add some ice cubes

Step 3

Drop Drype into the glass

Step 4

Stirr for a few seconds

Step 5

Finish it with the garnish you prefer

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it contains all the components necessary to create a cocktail with an alcohol content similar to that of the best known drinks

Drype cocktails contain only selected ingredients of totally natural origin
The alcohol content ensures a very long product life

We are currently working on the creation of a completely alcoholic menu that can improve the environmental performace of the entire alcoholic supply chain but we do not exclude that in the future we could work on the creation of mocktails

Preparing a Drype cocktial is really simple: just fill a glass with about 100 ml of water, pour Drype inside it, add ice and/or garnish if desired and in a few seconds the cocktail is ready to drink