Today, only 10% of the bottles used corresponds to their essence

The rest of the product is water, easy to get, and disposable glass packaging

How much energy can be saved by recycling one tons of these materials?

The weight of logistic

How many cocktails can you serve with 10 Kg of raw materials?

Drype packaging

Drype packaging is easy to recycle

Drype uses 20ml flacons made of lightweight and easy-to-recycle aluminum, a material that can be recycled infinitely without losing any properties. The recycling process also saves 95% of energy compared to virgin material extraction. Additionally, these flacons protect the blends from light sources, preventing oxidation phenomena and ensuring a superior final product quality.


Drype reduces up to 92% of CO2 equivalent emissions in the transport*

Fourgreen provides a CO2 reduction calculation based on standard distributor transport and by applying a CO2 equivalent conversion factor of 39.79 kg CO2/tonnes, in accordance with verified CFP ISO 14067:2018


Choose to reduce the environmental impact of your business: join drype

C02 generated by the life of glass bottles for alcoholic beverages drinks produced globally every year

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